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2020/03/27 - Bayer Ophthalmology
Multi Targeted MOA


VEGF-binding affinity up to ~100-fold vs ranibizumab1



Unique multi-targeted trap is the only anti-VEGF that blocks all VEGFR-1 ligands, including VEGF and PGF1,a



Delivers long-lasting anti-VEGF activity up to 2x longer than ranibizumab2-4



in the treatment of DME,

Even with complete VEGF blockade by ranibizumab or bevacizumabb, PGF would still be available to bind VEGFR-1 allowing, for example, further escalation of inflammation in DME1,5-7

  • PGF only binds VEGFR-1.
  • Bevacizumab has no marketing authorization for use in ophthalmic indications.


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